The 2017 Kettle Krush 5K took place on May 20. Photos can be viewed here!
Please check back next year for 2018 race info!

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No Bicycles, roller skates roller blades or skateboard are allowed in Kettle Krush 5K Race or on the race course at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Rolling road closure signs will indicate which portion of the route is closed or restricted. Vehicular traffic will be minimized throughout the route, but it imperative for safety reasons that all participants stay within the cones that mark the official course area.

Please do not use cell phones on the 5K Course. If MP3 players are used, only use head phones or ear buds in one ear for safety reasons.

Racers must wear their assigned bib on the front of their bodies s they are visible while you are participating on the race course. Emergency contact information should be filled in completely prior to beginning the race.

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2016 Kettle Krush 5K Photos

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*** Please note that online registration is now closed. ***