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How Has The Salvation Army Impacted Your Life?


Niya Pearson

Niya Pearson

Nick DeMarco

Nick - 130 Years of Impact Photo

I wake up every single day and go to work without even thinking about how lucky/fortunate I am to have that ability. To wear different clothes every day, DRIVE a car, work 40 hours a week at a job that has benefits. Its easy to get into a routine and forget about those things. Volunteering at The Salvation Army was the reminder that I needed that each day is a blessing. Organizations like this one are eye opening, inviting, and beautiful places where men and women can come together and join arms in a mission that betters the city.

My personal experience included washing dishes at Red Shield while talking to the employees that have their own hero stories of how they got there. The cook looked at me and said, “try to think of every dish you wash as a night in the cold or a day without a meal. Each one tells a story of someone in Atlanta experiencing that same thing.” It was a wonderful experience, and my team here at my company has agreed to spend one morning a month for the entire year volunteering because of that day at Red Shield. Thank you Salvation Army for this wonderful experience! – Nick #130YearsOfImpact

Bonnie Bruce

“As a young child, about 4 years of age, our family struggled to make ends meet. My Mom realized that funds were short to provide for her children’s Christmas and was not too proud to reach out to the Salvation Army to make us children’s Christmas wishes come true! Our Mom took us three younger children to downtown Atlanta, GA, to stand in line for our one and only gift to choose from The Salvation Army. I remember finally making it to the front door of the room where various toys were displayed on shelving behind The Salvation Army Workers lined up at the offering counter. I, immediately, caught sight of the most beautiful baby girl doll with a beautiful velveteen coat sitting upon the almost upper shelf of toys on display! I prayed (which my precious Mama had taught me to do) with all my heart and soul that the blessed beautiful ‘blue baby doll’ would still be available when my time came to choose….  “… I named her Bonnie Blue … to this day, she humbles me, reminds me of my most simple blessings and continues to assure me that our most heartfelt prayers are achievable! Our God is Great and so is the wonderful works of The Salvation Army. My blue baby is about 57 years old!” – Bonnie Sue Foster Bruce #130YearsOfImpact

Dr. Cindy Trimm

Dr. Cindy Trimm headshot

While her inner world was vibrant and rich, her reality was one of extreme poverty. “I grew up in abject poverty. Rats and a leaky roof were a part of my everyday life. My father abandoned our family and left my mother to raise seven children on her own. She did the best she could, but poverty engulfed us like a rigorous riptide, and left us drowning in a sea of lack,” explains Dr. Trimm, “The Salvation Army became our saving grace by providing food, clothing, programs and other basic needs that helped to alleviate the pain of poverty. It allowed me to remain physically strong so that I could excel in school and the community. I was able to focus on imagining a better world rather than worrying about our unmet needs.”

“The Salvation Army provided services that helped to permanently change my life. One of my greatest joys is to pay that benevolence forward. I am thrilled to partner with the Salvation Army of Metro Atlanta, tackling our city’s toughest challenges, encouraging others to give, and creating solutions that strengthen the quality of life for individuals and families.” — Dr. Cindy Trimm #130YearsOfImpact

Jonathan White

When Jonathan (pictured middle) came to The Salvation Army’s Peachcrest Corps as a nine-year-old child, he had to shoulder a burden no young child should have to bear. His adoptive mother developed cancer. Shortly after she passed away, his adoptive father suffered a triple-bypass heart attack. The one balm in his life, Jonathan recalls, was The Salvation Army. He attended worship services at Peachcrest on Sunday and eventually joined Peachcrest Boys & Girls Club, where he went on to become a Corps cadet and President of the Keystone Club.

In 2018, Jonthan was named “Youth of the Year” for The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Atlanta. Jonathan says he credits The Salvation Army with saving his life. “The Boys & Girls Club was my main support. I owe my life to the Club. Without them, I would not have lived to see my 18th birthday.” #130YearsOfImpact