Atlanta’s Homeless Seek Shelter

The Salvation Army Red Shield Shelter, located on Luckie Street, has 50 cots available during cold weather months when temperatures are 40 degrees or below, Sgt. Janeane Schmidt said Thursday afternoon. Schmidt said the shelter has been busier since Peachtree-Pine closed. But no one is turned away…

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Without You, They Might Have Been Homeless

When Charise walked into to The Salvation Army, she burst into tears. “I’ve always been a hard worker,” she said. “I never thought I would need to ask for help.”

But life took an unexpected turn when she suffered a health crisis that required surgery. Just as she was getting back on her feet, complications arose that required another surgery and an extended period of recovery.

“I’m a single mom, so finances were tight,” Charise remembered. “Once I was mostly better, I started working overtime to get us back on our feet . . . that’s when my company laid off 150 people, including me.”

“I was at rock bottom”

Charise did temporary work while she searched for permanent employment, but nothing came through. In spite of her best efforts, they fell further and further behind.

By the time she came to The Salvation Army, she feared she would lose everything. “I was at rock bottom, but the people here lifted me up. They were so encouraging.”

Thanks to your support, we paid several key bills for Charise, including her utility bill. As a result, she was able to stretch her resources and cover her remaining expenses.

Today, she’s just weeks from beginning a new job with higher pay. She feels good about her future again, and says, “God used The Salvation Army to carry me through a difficult time and show me he still loved me. If it wasn’t for this help, my son and I might be homeless. I will always be grateful.”

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“I Couldn’t See Any Light”

After 19 years of marriage, my wife and I divorced. That was also about the time my mom got sick and died. I was beyond depressed, and since my wife got the home — and I basically didn’t care about anything anymore — I wound up on the streets.

For five years I lived under a bridge, suffering from hunger, thirst, heat, cold. I was too scared to kill myself, but I wouldn’t have minded drinking myself to death. I couldn’t see any light in my future.

Meals, a Shower . . . and New Hope

But it was about that time that someone told me about The Salvation Army. I just came for some meals and a shower. The people here were very nice, and they would wash my clothes, encourage me, and tell me about God. I started to make friends. I started to see some good.

The road to recovery was bumpy. I suffered a heart attack and nearly died. But the people from The Salvation Army were with me all the way. They visited me in the hospital and raised my spirits. And when I got out, they took care of me for a year, helping me address the roots of my problems.

My life isn’t easy now, but I have hope again. I have food to eat and a roof over my head, thanks to The Salvation Army. They saved me. I will never forget the lessons I learned here, or the kindness these people showed me.



To continue to support struggling children and families in our community, please donate.

Blessing Children with Love, Kindness, and Brighter Futures

Look at what a difference you’re making for at-risk children in our community . . .

To continue to support struggling children and families in our community, please donate.

The Salvation Army Of Metro Atlanta Receives $10,000 After Mayfield Creamery’s 10,000 Ice Cream Scoop Challenge Event Success

On June 19, Mayfield Creamery’s 10,000 scoop challenge event benefiting The Salvation Army of Metro Atlanta, successfully served 10,000 scoops of Moose Tracks ice cream cone scoops to the local Atlanta community members. Each scoop donated $1 to The Salvation Army of Metro Atlanta, allowing for the organization to receive $10,000 to help those in need all throughout Atlanta.

Love Atlanta Week of Service Sponsored by Passion City Church To Serve The Salvation Army of Metro Atlanta 6/25 Thru 6/29

During the week of June 25th thru June 29th, Love Atlanta’s week of service sponsored by Passion City Church members in Atlanta will volunteer with The Salvation Army of Metro Atlanta for more than 36 service projects. These projects include our Marietta Cobb/Douglas Corps, Peachcrest Boys and Girls Club and the Red Shield.

Generous Donation from Atlanta-Area Donor Helps 2,000 Atlantans Keep Cool This Summer

During the summer months, many people struggle fight the heat and stay cool due to financial barriers. Thanks to a generous donation from a member of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, individuals in need throughout Metro Atlanta were given free boxed fans at the Kroc Center of Atlanta. In addition, eight Salvation Army corps locations also participated in the give away; resulting in a total of 2,000 free electric boxed fans distributed to those in need.

Fulton County Financial Emergency Services Relocating to Red Shield June 25

Effective Friday, June 15, The Salvation Army’s Financial Emergency Services (FES) for Fulton County will relocate to our Red Shield/Harbor Light Corps at 469 Marietta Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30313. If you need emergency financial assistance, please call Red Shield at 404-486-2710 beginning Monday, June 25.

The Salvation Army of Gwinnett Corps Receives Grant from the Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia

The Salvation Army of Gwinnett County was awarded a $10,000 challenge grant from the Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia. The funds will benefit the county’s Home Sweet Home program, which helps newly homeless families get back on their feet.

Marietta Corps Appreciation Dinner

On June 5, The Salvation Army Marietta Corps held their annual appreciation dinner for the volunteers and donors who help do the most good in the community throughout the year. These individuals support a number of Salvation Army initiatives, including Christmas bell ringing and Angel Tree programs. The dedication, service, and support of our supporters is what makes The Salvation Army what it is to this day. This image displays one of many awards given that night to the Douglas/Cobb County Salvation Army supporters.