The Salvation Army Lawrenceville Corps
Gwinnett County
3455 Sugarloaf Parkway
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
Phone: 770-724-1660

What is The Salvation Army’s Home Sweet Home program?
Home Sweet Home seeks to reach out to newly homeless families or those at risk of imminent homelessness from Gwinnett County and lead them not only to stable housing and self-sufficiency, but also fully impact their lives in a positive and caring manner.

The vision of The Salvation Army’s Home Sweet Home program is to meet the needs of homeless families by providing an immediate avenue back to independent living. This will be accomplished by providing in-home case management in a holistic manner that serves to educate and empower families, to help them regain ties to the community and sustain permanent, stable housing.

Why is the Home Sweet Home program needed?
There are currently an insufficient number of housing programs that work to serve as a safety net to the working poor who find themselves one flat tire, one missed day of work or one bout of illness away from becoming homeless.  What has been totally missing is an emergency program that would place families directly in housing as opposed to merely offering them a few days in a hotel. Home Sweet Home seeks to fill this gap! Through Home Sweet Home, families who are at the onset of homelessness will receive immediate and compassionate emergency assistance to divert them from the mired cycle of long-term homelessness, hopelessness and isolation.

How does Home Sweet Home positively impact and transform lives?
Each applicant family to The Salvation Army’s Home Sweet Home program is asked about their spiritual needs and concerns during a compassionate intake process.  All participants will be invited and encouraged to participate in all corps community programs and worship opportunities.  While these activities are never forced upon our clients we work very hard to create a welcoming path to Christ for all our client families. Home Sweet Home will treat our client families with dignity and respect and provide them with the support and services needed so that they might rise to their full potential.  Because homelessness can be a disease of isolation and our goal is to break through that isolation by embracing families in our loving corps community.  We feel strongly that Home Sweet Home is one of the many ways that we are answering the Lords’ call to go to the least of these.

The Salvation Army is eternally grateful for the support of Gwinnett County for helping us to make Home Sweet Home a reality.  We welcome community members to contact us with any questions, to learn more about this program or they are if interested to participate in the many volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for helping The Salvation Army reach out to your community and neighbors – together we can truly impact and transform the lives of families in crisis!